Roof Conversions

roofinghMany people are unaware of the sheer potential inherent in their loft space. The average loft is dusty, hard to access and full of junk. At Arch Tech we are passionate about roof conversions – transforming unused space into airy, modern and vibrant living areas. Most homes can be adapted to accommodate a roof conversion. You may be surprised at what you are able to do with your space and how cost-effective it can be. Roof conversions cost significantly less than full house extensions and can add much value to your property.

We have carried out many roof conversions in Traditional cut and Pitch roof constructions, as well as modern trussed rafter roofs using Telebeam aluminium beam system to replace the struts within a trussed rafter.

Would you like an additional bedroom, games room or living area in your home, but don’t have the budget or space for a full extension? Talk to us, we are experienced architectural designers, and see how we can make it happen for you with a customised roof conversion.